Chandler House Cleaning Services

Get more time with your family or to work. If you live in Chandler, house cleaning services can be an amazing way to free up your time and let you do what you really want to.


Hiring a Chandler House Cleaning Service has never been easier with Brennan & Co Home Cleaning! With easy online booking and simple pricing the best Chandler maid service available.


Our home cleaning service starts from the top of each room on down. We dust and remove cobwebs, wipe down blinds, table top surfaces and clean baseboards. Floors are mopped or vacuumed and our maids disinfect your toilets and sinks. Kitchens, living rooms and studies are all cleaned fully and a detailed checklist of all areas cleaned is left behind.


Unlike your taxes, cleaning once a year is usually not enough. Brennan & Co. offers one time cleanings to lighten the load and recurring cleanings to help you stay on top of your home.


One Time Chandler House Cleaning

Our one time house cleanings in Chandler allow the time strapped, but attentive home owner the ability to have a clean home without a significant time cost. Our maids help your home stay clean by following a thorough checklist of items which includes dusting, cobweb removal, vacuuming, mopping, wiping surfaces disinfecting surfaces and shining. This is particularly helpful to homeowners wanting to clean their house while letting our maids do the hardwork around bathrooms, toilets, showers and kitchens.


Recurring Chandler house Cleaning

For those home owners in Chandler who want their home to be continually clean (and who doesent!) we offer recurring home cleaning services at a convenient recurring time monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. Covering all the areas in your home that you would expect, including dusting, disinfecting of surfaces, showers, toilets, stove tops and more. This recurring service allows you to save time from the daily grime and get back to whats most important in your life!


At Brennan & Co., our Chandler maids are vetted, trained, and managed to help you feel sure that you are getting great service, at a price you can afford. Our customers love that their house cleaners make everything spotless without even needing to pick up a telephone.


Brennan & Co. provides Chandler housekeepers right through the Internet, with a secure payment system and a complete communication system.


No matter where you live in Chandler, we are happy to help you have a clean home. All you need to do is enter your zip code into our order system at  


Zip codes we serve: 85044, 85224, 85225, 85226, 85233, 85248, 85249, 85283, 85284, 85286, 85295, 85297, 85298


  1. Go to our book now page
  2. Enter your zip code in Chandler
  3. Put in the number of bedrooms and baths that you have
  4. Give us your address
  5. Pay for your appointment through our secure online payment system
  6. Sit back and watch your home get a professional cleaning


Brennan & Co. is the #1 Housecleaning Service in Chandler.

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All of our housekeepers receive background checks, comprehensive training, and are able to be contacted directly online.


Brennan & Co.: Chandler’s home cleaning solution for the 21st century.


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