Tempe House Cleaning

You worked all day.

You took the kids to practice.

You came home and made dinner.

Now the house needs to be cleaned!


Brennan & Co. can help with the house. We are Tempe’s housecleaning service.


It starts with our great Tempe maid staff. Each of our cleaners has received a thorough background check and reference check. Each speaks English fluently. They are personally interviewed and trained in the Brennan & Co. ways of customer service and cleaning and work toward a detailed checklist of items so that you have a fully clean house.


Customer reviews – One thing that sets Brennan & Co. apart is that every time one of our housekeepers finishes a Tempe home, the customer is invited to leave a review. Each of our Tempe maids has many reviews from real customers that will let you know that they are great at what they do.


Booking your housekeeping service is simple:


  1. Go to our book now page.
  2. Enter your zip code in Tempe (85280, 85281, 85282, 85283, 85284)
  3. Put in the number of bedrooms and baths that you have
  4. Give us your address
  5. Pay for your appointment through our secure online payment system
  6. Sit back and watch your home get a professional cleaning


Our entire service is available to your online. From booking, to payment, to communication, our website, http://brennanclean.com, is your 21st century portal to a clean home.


What will you do with the extra time?


  • Take the dog for a walk?
  • Take the kids to a park?
  • Read a book in the backyard?
  • Focus on work?
  • Take a long nap in the middle of the afternoon?


When Brennan & Co.’s Tempe housekeeping service is taking care of your home, you have lots of time to do anything you want.


Book today and relax. We’ve got this!


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