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Gilbert residents believe that life is too short for them to waste their time cleaning their homes. Instead of returning home after a long day to find a dirty home, you can come home to a professionally cleaned home. We are friendly, highly trained, and ready to tackle any house cleaning in Gilbert, AZ and nearby areas. For many years, we have provided superior cleaning services to the Gilbert area. All of our services are designed to make your home sparkle and let you focus on the important things in life like your family and friends. You can be sure that we aren’t just cleaning homes; we also do our part in keeping the planet clean.

A messy home can make you feel like you’re starting a second job. It’s energy and time that you don’t spend doing the things you love. Gilbert residents can relax and let us clean their homes. They can do what they love. We value your family and home as much as you do. This is why we focus on using green cleaning products that are sustainable or environmentally friendly. This is a unique service that we offer, and it has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and healthy living. Because they don’t contain many chemicals and allergens that other cleaning products do, they are safe for all surfaces and can improve air quality.

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Your satisfaction is more than a possibility when you book residential cleaning services with us. It’s a guarantee! Our team is equipped to give you complete confidence in the cleaning service that you choose. Our cleaning services are built on trust, communication, and friendly service. We have worked hard over the years to create a cleaning system that has proven to be effective.

We know you value your time, and we do too! That’s why we make it easy to book your home cleaning from anywhere. Brennan & Co. makes cleaning simple with an easy-to-use online booking system. You can book your maid right from your smartphone in less than 60 seconds. We will take care of the cleaning so you can spend more time with your family and friends.

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Cleaning Services in Gilbert, AZ – Brennan & Co.

House Cleaning / Residential Cleaning

Brennan & Co. Home Cleaning believes that scheduling a home cleaning service is the best way to relax. Our services will help you save time, energy, and stress. We believe that your home should be a place where you can escape the stresses of daily life.

We offer exceptional cleaning services that can be applied to any room. Including:

Kitchen: Your kitchen is the heart of your home and deserves the best care. Start by cleaning the microwave’s interior and wiping down all appliances. Next, we’ll clean the stovetop, drip pans, and hood. We’ll then vacuum and mop your floors after wiping down all your appliances, chairs, and tables.
Laundry Room: We will clean this area from the dryer and washer to the floor.
Living Room: You deserve a comfortable, clean living space. We will clean every corner of your living space. We’ll vacuum the floor, furniture, and under the cushions.
Dining Room: We will dust and clean the dining room’s furniture. Our professional house cleaners will clean this room.
Bedrooms: To ensure you get the best sleep possible, we will dust your baseboards and window sills. We can even vacuum up hanging frames and mirrors. On request, we can replace your bed linens.
Bathrooms: As one of the most important rooms inside your home, it is essential that you keep your bathroom clean and tidy. These areas will be cleaned of dirt and cobwebs. We also clean the tub, mirrors, faucets, and toilets.
Other: We’re happy to include additional rooms in your cleaning plans. Brennan & Co. offers comprehensive interior cleaning services that are customizable for each residence.
We are proud to have been in the house cleaning industry for more than seven years and be trusted by thousands throughout Gilbert, AZ, and East Valley Phoenix.

Office Cleaning / Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning every office requires us to complete five main tasks. These are:

1. Empty your bins

Our cleaners begin by emptying the office’s bins. While the cleaner is doing this, they also do two other tasks.

They pick up any other trash they can see and take mental notes about other tasks that they might need to complete during the clean, such as coffee spills or smudges.

Brennan & Co. will change your bin liners if they get dirty or show signs of age. Due to sustainability reasons, we don’t change bin liners as often as necessary. We all need to be mindful of plastic and not use it.

2. Wiping down surfaces and desks 

After emptying the bins, the cleaner will wipe down any desks or surfaces using the appropriate cloth (always a microfibre green cloth).

When wiping down a desk, the number one thing that cleaners don’t do is move things around. Paperwork, books, and other items will remain the same.

It is possible to wonder why. You might wonder why? Moving things can be frustrating for your team, as we have discovered.

We only ask that all the items on your work desks be stacked one side. Then, we will move the pile, clean it underneath, and then put it back.

Computer screens are generally dusty but not cleaned. Because LED and OLED screens are fragile, improper cleaning can cause damage.

We generally wipe phones but never pick up the handset. It’s possible to accidentally phone someone using our office phones. It would be a mistake to accidentally make a call. You can request that the phones be cleaned.

3. Vacuuming 

There are two ways to look at vacuuming depending on how big the site is.

First, our cleaners will spot vacuum large offices. This involves vacuuming any areas that are visible dirty. These areas, which are often high-traffic, are vacuumed during each visit. Low-traffic areas are vacuumed on a scheduled basis. The office is vacuumed once per week, or as often as necessary.

Vacuuming in small offices (100 to 300 square meters) is done differently. It is more likely that we will vacuum the entire office in one clean. Because the site is small, foot traffic is concentrated. This means that the space needs more attention.

Our cleaners will often have a pre-moistened cloth in the hand while vacuuming. This is in case any other marks or smudges are missed.

4. Mopping 

Mopping the floors is the last task that a cleaner does.

Did you know there’s only one way to mop a flooring?

Brennan & Co.’s cleaners clean a floor from corner to corner, edge to edge. Our cleaners are provided with enough quality microfibre flat mopcloth covers that can be easily changed as needed.

Another option is to use an electric mop to scrub the main floor and then use a flat one to clean the edges.

5. Final check

Our cleaners will check your office one last time before leaving. The cleaners will make one final inspection of your office, usually with a dampened cloth in their hands. This is to ensure that everything has been cleaned and that all doors have been locked.

Our cleaners are trained to dress specific areas, such as board rooms or meeting rooms.

What does it mean to dress a room?

You will need to move all of the desk chairs into the area and make it look neat and tidy. This is done so your team will know which areas have been cleaned and are ready to use the next day.

Our cleaners can do little things like clean up after a site inspection that could prove to be very valuable to our clients. Imagine your team meeting early in the morning knowing that the boardroom is ready for them.

Window Cleaning


Home and business owners need to look into five window cleaning services in order to keep their property shining year round. These are:

1. Window Screen Cleaning

People make the biggest mistake when cleaning their windows. They forget about the screens and focus only on the glass. Window cleaning companies like Brennan & Co. provide window track and screen cleaning, as well as glass panes.

Window screens are essential for their efficiency. It also prevents mold growth and prolongs the life span of your windows. We recommend that you combine this service with other window cleaning services, but we also offer window track and screen cleaning. For a truly thorough clean, make sure to include the screens in your home and business.

2. Interior Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is often centered around interior windows. They are usually cleaned with window cleaner, and then you wipe them down once in a while. This is fine for quick cleaning, but it won’t really clean your windows.

Brennan & Co. Home Cleaning Professional uses better products and better methods than the average homeowner. This results in cleaner windows that are streak-free and look better.

3. Exterior Window Cleaning

It is just as important to clean the outside of your windows as the inside. A window cleaning service can reach places you cannot reach. This is one of the greatest benefits to using them for exterior windows.

The exterior window cleaning can improve your property’s curb appeal by removing the dirt, dust and water spots that have built up from being exposed to the elements. Brennan & Co uses the best cleaning products and methods to give your windows the deepest, most thorough clean.

4. Hard water removal

People often clean their windows themselves, but they can leave behind hard water spots and marks. Professional window cleaners are able to remove those stains without leaving any streaks or marks.

Hard water spots are often caused by minerals in the water used to clean them, such as calcium. Window cleaning experts ensure that this is not an issue.

5. Glass Door Cleaning

Window cleaning services often include glass doors. They are basically big windows. Professional cleaning of glass doors can provide the same benefits for cleaning windows.

Many homeowners include glass shower doors in their window cleaning service. A thorough washing can remove mold and mildew from these areas. It’s important to have them professionally cleaned.

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