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Are you looking for reliable house cleaning in Sun Lakes, Arizona? Brennan & Co. Home Cleaning Professionals has been providing reliable cleaning services in Sun Lakes for more than 7 years. Brennan & Co. is a family-owned and operated business that offers a variety of services, including commercial cleaning, window cleaning, and house cleaning. We are proud to serve the Sun Lakes & East Valley area here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Your building or home should look its best all the time. Professional cleaning companies are a great option. We ensure your home and office are maintained to the highest standards. We can provide services for you weekly, monthly or one-time.

Brennan & Co. is proud to offer you the best cleaning services in Sun Lakes. We understand that mistakes happen, and things can get missed sometimes—but we also believe that every now and then, things don’t always go as planned.

That’s why we offer a 200% satisfaction guarantee with every cleaning. If there’s something that doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll fix it free of charge or offer you a discount on your next cleaning. We’re happy to work with you to make sure your experience with us is exactly what you want and deserve!


Brennan & Co. Home Cleaning has a license and is bonded and insured. Our goal is to clean your home faster and more efficiently, while also being organized. We use high-quality cleaning equipment to protect the environment while also making sure that the cleaning process is environmentally friendly. Our staff have been with us for years and are highly qualified. Each member of our staff is background checked and bonded. We take all precautions to ensure that our maids can be trusted and are skilled.

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House Cleaning / Residential Cleaning Service – Chandler, AZ

Customers who have never had their homes professionally cleaned often have soil build-up throughout their homes. Many of our clients are unhappy with their current cleaning service and choose to hire us. We make sure to get rid of all dirt and buildup in your home before we start cleaning.

Hard water stains are removed from sinks, tubs, and fixtures with extra care. Also, we often find buildup around toilets and faucets that needs to be removed. Shower doors can have lime, rust and hard water spots. The entire room is returned to its original state so that future house cleaning won’t leave any deposits.

We clean small crevices and cracks in the kitchen that housekeeping companies neglect. Many cabinets, refrigerators and cupboards’ tops go untended or left uncleaned for long periods. Grease and fingerprints can be found on almost all surfaces, including stove tops, doors to refrigerators and small appliances. It is important to thoroughly clean all surfaces to remove grease, dirt and any spilled food.

Bedrooms and living rooms:
Many homeowners are too busy to complete a thorough cleaning. People tend to sweep what is visible and ignore the sweeping behind and under furniture. Many homeowners put off dusting because they don’t have the time. We dust window sills and bookshelves, as well as baseboards, ceiling fans, and any other furniture with a buildup of thick dust.

Hallways and entryways:
These spaces are cleaned of any buildup around the edges and baseboards. These areas should be kept clean because dirt and dust can easily get in through hallways and entranceways.

Before we can make a house look its best, it is important to remove all soil and grime.
After the house has been cleaned thoroughly, it will be easier for our team members to clean the house on the agreed-upon schedule. It is important to return to the basics so we have a clear slate from which to work. We can start at the beginning to ensure that your home shines every time we clean it. You will be a happy customer.

Office Cleaning / Commercial Cleaning Services – Sun Lakes, AZ

Many businesses don’t realize that hiring a cleaning service does not have to be expensive and that employees will feel more positive about their work environment. Our clients often compliment us. We don’t just provide a janitorial service. We are flexible and can customize our services to meet your requirements!

It may seem easy to choose the right cleaning or janitorial company, but remember that they will be at your place after hours. It is important to choose a cleaning company that offers quality service and is trustworthy.

You want to WOW your customers and employees when they visit your facility. We provide the best residential and commercial cleaning services in East Valley Phoenix and surrounding areas. To schedule a meeting with a professional cleaner, please call us.

We can help you with everything from 200-sqft executive suites to 80,000-sqft office complexes, and everything in between. For all your needs, contact us today.

Window Cleaning Service – Sun Lakes, AZ

Window cleaning is an additional service we offer to our clients. To prevent stained windows, the inside should be cleaned once a year and the outside twice a year. Professionally trained window cleaners use the right tools and products. No need to be concerned about streaky windows.

Window washing includes:

  • Remove debris and cobwebs
  • Window washing: inside and outside
  • Window sills
  • Window tracks
  • Screens

Pricing is determined by many factors including:

  • The window’s size
  • Type of window
  • Per window: Number of panes
  • Windows inside and out
  • Floor level location

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