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Heres what you need to know!

What to Wear

We provide company branded T-Shirts after your first week. For your first week, or if a company provided one is not available, please wear darker solid color T-Shirts. Try to keep logos to a minimum, and avoid anything offensive.

Dark colored leggings or jeans. No rips

Comfortable tennis shoes preffered

All clothing should be comfortable, non-offensive and not revealing

Who and Where to meet?

You’re meeting Cynthia – Our Training Lead
Cynthia has been with us for over 2 years.

Arizona native, she has most likely done it all. She will be your guide as we get you trained to our standards. If you have a question, she has an answer!

Cynthia has all supplies for all the houses you will be at, no need to bring any of your own

Where to meet?
Meet outside the customers home. If you arrive before Cynthia, please wait for her to get there. if it gets beyond 15mins after the job start time, give us a call to make sure your in the right place or to see if someone is running late

Running late? Lost?
Give Rob a call – (480) 239-1160


Info on how to use the app

coming soon, with a dedicated page and button linking from here, and the main staff page

How to clean

Rule 1
Work your way from top to bottom, left to right

Dont go back and forth
Work your way around the room, walking back and forth takes time and slows you down

Dont damage things
When removing stove grates please place on top of microfiber cloth on counter and/or sink to prevent scratching.
Dont bang into things/baseboards/furniture with the vacuum

Put things back where you found them